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LG wants to improve clothing care with its new, smart styler

You probably are well aware of LG’s washers and dryers, but now the company wants to help keep your clothes fresh after they are cleaned. At CES 2019, the company is showcasing its new LG Styler with a black-tinted mirror glass door. Designed to keep all of your clothes hygienically clean and wrinkle-free, it also comes with a variety of smart features so it can easily integrate into your home.

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The LG Styler isn’t meant for your whole wardrobe, but it will keep your most important clothes looking fresh for when you need them most. The sleek, modern-looking device holds up to four garments, including a pair of pants that can fit in the door. Once placed inside the LG Styler, you can close the door and feel confident that your threads will look good as new when you go to reach for them next.

The key to the LG Styler is the inclusion of the company’s TrueStream technology, which it claims can eliminate 99.9 percent of all the germs, bacteria, and other crud that is usually found on clothing. It also is certified as asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), so you will never have to worry about your clothes triggering a fit of sneezing or rashes on your body.

Moving hangers that hold your clothes help to remove wrinkles, while a gentle drying cycle helps to keep your shirts and pants free of any moisture. A heating pump helps to keep the energy consumption down by recycling the heat from the hot, moist air inside the Styler. That is used to create a crisp feeling to your clothes without needing to bust out an ironing board.

In addition to keeping your clothes looking fresh, the LG Styler also includes a bevy of smart features. The tinted mirror attached to the device supports Google Assistant and has LG ThinQ technology that can provide a customized experience with fashion suggestions and virtual fittings for you. That means the mirror doesn’t just show you how you look, it shows you how to look your best.

LG hasn’t provided information regarding the availability or pricing for the LG Styler, but the device will be on display throughout the company’s stay at CES in Las Vegas.

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