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Getting hot in here? Dyson’s fan heater spreads its cool factor around

dyson fan heater patented technology remote dual air flow hot and cool
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Believe it or not, winter is over. That means it’s nearly time to pack up the space heater and pull out the fan, unless of course you have a machine that tackles both heating and cool.

Designed for all-season usability, the new model has some updates from the old. In the nick of time for the warmer months, the new AM09 Hot + Cool machine from Dyson can switch from personal comfort control to a flow wide enough to cool or heat an entire room remotely. The second upgrade is improved airflow, making for a quieter breeze.

Dyson1If you have it set for personal use, the Dyson releases air from a single jet, keeping the airflow to a limited scope. When your surrounding environment is too hot to handle, a second jet of air widens the angle, yielding a larger gush of air. You can use the remote to cycle between the two.

It’s built from Acrylontride butadiene styrene (ABS), which is also used in police riot shields, so the AMO9 can likely withstand you knocking it over as you stumble to bed in the dark. Though you hopefully won’t need the heater function for many, many months, it does have a sleep-timer option, so it’s not blasting away all night long. Already on the shelves, the AMO9 costs $500, which is pricey but may be worth it if your place lacks storage.

Dyson also recently launched its AM10 Humidifier in the U.K., retailing for $743 (£500). The miraculous-sounding product exposes the H2O in its tank to UV light, twice. This kills 99.9 percent of the bacteria found in the water before vaporizing into a skin-friendly mist. “Low humidity may affect the skin in a number of ways, for example by decreasing the water content of the stratum corneum, causing dry skin scales, aggravating skin texture, reducing elasticity and causing fine wrinkles,” according to the Skin Health Alliance, which paired up with Dyson and released a review of its findings.

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