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Eve Cam is a HomeKit indoor security camera that saves your recordings in iCloud

Apple fans have reason to be excited. There is now an indoor security camera just for you. Eve Systems has released its newest product, the Eve Cam, which is the first indoor camera made exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video, according to the company. When combined with HomeKit Secure Video, any activity detected by the camera is analyzed by your home hub (Apple TV or HomePod) to determine if a threat may be present. You can then view any activity from your iPhone’s lock screen.


“Home security footage is highly personal — that’s why choosing the right indoor camera is so important,” says Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. “Eve Cam is the first camera designed exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video, enabling you to keep a close eye on your home while protecting the privacy of your personal space at any time.”

The Eve Cam security camera is full of useful features. You can set it up so it deactivates when people are home or create a schedule for when you want notifications. You can also adjust the sensitivity so the cam only alerts you when people or pets are detected.

The camera has a 150-degree view, 1080p resolution ,and infrared night vision. Eve Cam also incorporates a two-way microphone and speaker so you can talk to those near the camera remotely. Recorded video is stored for 10 days for free in supported iCloud accounts (200 GB iCloud storage plan) and doesn’t count against your storage limit.

The camera has some attractive safety features. For example, when you look at livestreams on your phone, they stay local. The stream isn’t sent to the company’s servers or iCloud. It is all routed through your home hub. You also don’t need to register your equipment.

“Eve accessories are designed to safeguard personal data,” the company said in a press release. “They work seamlessly with the iPhone and Home Hub, without a cloud or any registration. All collected data is fully encrypted, stored locally, or on iCloud (HomeKit Secure Video). Data will never be analyzed, sold or used for advertising purposes. With Eve, private data stays private. Even when accessing the home remotely.”

The Eve Cam won’t be available until April 2020. It will retail for $150.

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