Flickr Adopts Video Sharing

Yahoo’s Flickr photo-sharing site expanded its online media palette on Tuesday by adding video-sharing capabilities. The new feature will allow users to upload the kind of short clips usually taken with digital still cameras, and store them right alongside the accompanying photos.

A recent survey commissioned by Yahoo showed that many digital camera users were shooting short videos, but not necessarily sharing them, leaving the door open for Flickr to add that functionality. The survey found that 40 percent of digital camera users between 18 and 44 were using the devices to capture video clips, but more than half only used their PC screens to play them for friends, and 20 percent never shared them at all.

 “Digital media has led to a new behavior emerging in the market and people are much more likely to shoot short video clips, essentially ‘long photos,’ with their digital still cameras and mobile phones,” said Flickr general manager Kakul Srivastava, in a statement. “There is a great resonance between this new category of content and with the kind of authentic, personal moments already being shared on Flickr.”

Although any site with video-sharing inevitably draws comparisons to YouTube, Flicker’s press release makes it clear that it is a different animal entirely, only intended for sharing short personal video clips. A 90-second limit on uploaded clips will likely keep YouTube staples at bay, such as short films, viral videos, and long-winded webcam rants.

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