Marriage material? This dating expert analyzes suitors based on their fridges

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Is your fridge stocked with milk? Lucky you. Your new girlfriend may be super nurturing in the sack. But, hold on. Her cooking skills are relegated to heating up frozen food, as evidenced by a freezer full of pre-packaged meals. Forget what the astrological signs say about potential mates, one courtship expert analyzes compatibility using one of the most essential appliances in a prospect’s significant other’s home: the fridge.

John Stonehill, creator of, requests users submit a photo of a potential dating partner’s open icebox and in return, he provides a detailed breakdown on his website of the ups and downsides of getting involved with this person.

Before you invest in a second date at that romantic and pricey Italian bistro, Stonehill’s study may reveal the income level, lifestyle, health, and cleanliness of your new catch. He’ll analyze both heterosexual and same-sex partners and put them in “Must Date,” “Maybe Date,” and “Never Date” categories.

Skeptical? Try a female subject’s recent grocery load on for size. It was a mess, which, according to the dating guru, means she has a lot on her plate. Ultimately, Stonehill gave this single mother a very low rating as an ideal match for the guy who submitted her fridge photo.

Leftover food in fridgeAnother assessment, based an image of a Subzero brand fridge surrounded by shiny hardwood floors, suggested whomever the CEO (or guy with CEO-level income) dated would be lavished upon. Based on neatness, he either employed a daily maid or was obsessive compulsive. To find out which, Stonehill recommended leaving a few hairs in his shower to see if the guy “freaked” or not.

While the site targets singles, couples are also evaluated now and again. Is there a bottle of champagne stuffed way in the back? This pair may enjoy regular celebrations. On shelves filled with health-conscious fare, including Vitamin Waters and berries galore, a piece of leftover pizza signifies these health nuts can enjoy a slice of life once and a while.