G-Form cases live up to their name: iPad survives 1,300 foot drop

g form cases live up to their name ipad survives 1300 foot drop extremeportfolio

We’ve highlighted G-Form’s extreme cases for the iPad before, but we might not have gone as far to say that they could be dropped out of an airplane at 1,300 feet to survive unscathed and functional. Apparently, according to this video, they can. The cases aren’t exactly the most sleek or beautiful things we’ve ever seen, but we certainly have new respect for their functional qualities thanks to this video. 

The two cases in question are the G-Form Extreme Portfolio ($90) and Extreme Edge ($45). In the video, two skydivers take their iPads along for the ride in one of each of the cases. We see them playing games on the iPad, and eventually they drop the iPads (in the G-Form cases) from 1,300 feet in the air. When the skydivers get to the ground (granted, it looks like a nice grassy landing) the iPads are unscathed and fully functional. We’re not surprised by this when it comes to the G-Form Extreme Portfolio (above right), which looks like a military tank engulfed your iPad, but the Extreme Edge has no screen protection and still managed to make a safe landing. 

These cases are no doubt too bulky (and unfortunate-looking) for most people, but if you’re a klutz or an extreme sports fanatic who wants to bring your ipad along, you’ve found your perfect match. There are several other videos of the cases surviving beatings of various kinds, just in case you’re still worried.