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Make laundry less of a chore with GE's new top-load washing machines

You may finally be able to say sayonara to stains. GE Appliances has debuted a new top-load laundry line that boasts three essential technologies aimed at tackling spills, splatters, and you know, life in general. The new washers promise to help you pretreat stains with soapy water at the beginning of the cycle, dispense the appropriate amount of detergent at the appropriate time, and control your load remotely via a smartphone or other connected device.

First and foremost is GE’s new pretreatment technology, which the company notes can be crucial for saving clothes from permanent stains. With the new line of washing machines, you can make use of the built-in Water Station, a water faucet in the back of the washer’s basin, that allows you to pretreat your clothes or hand-wash your most delicate articles. In using the Water Station, customers can either choose “detergent + water” or simply “water.” When you’re finished, close the lid, let your clothes soak for just a bit longer, then select your cycle and start the load as usual.

Then there’s the new SmartDispense feature, which allows you to bid adieu to the days of painstakingly measuring out the correct amount of bleach or soap to add to your load. Now, your smart washer will store and automatically dispense detergent and fabric softener as needed for individual load sizes, their soil levels, water hardness, and cycle type.

Make laundry a less time-consuming chore for everyone.

Finally, GE has debuted WiFi Connect, which allows you to do your laundry even if you’re not at home. Start a cycle from anywhere or add some more time to a load and make laundry a less time-consuming chore for everyone.

“The new onboard Water Station combined with the proven SmartDispense technology and Wi-Fi capabilities on GE Appliances’ top load models give you power,” said Julie Muennich, director of marketing for GE Appliances’ laundry products. “And it’s all because the minds at GE Appliances are always inventing new ways to protect your garments and your peace of mind.”

The new line of washing machines is now available starting at $799 for white and $899 for diamond grey finishes.

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