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Golchi can keep your drinks hot, cold, or both at the same time

Golchi - Kickstarter Video
Sometimes what you really need to go with your piping-hot coffee is a glass of ice-cold water. But finding a way to take those two on the go together can be something of a challenge. That no longer a problem, however, with Golchi. Meet the versatile bottle that allows you to carry two beverages at the same time, even if they’re at drastically different temperatures. Thanks to its vacuum-insulated compartments, your cold drinks will stay icy for 24 hours, even as you hot drinks remain hot temperature for up to 12 hours. And don’t worry — a temperature gauge will keep you from taking a giant swig of either by accident.

Recently launched on Kickstarter, you can use Golchi in a variety of drinking situations. The modular design of this next-level bottle means that you can have a big thermos, a little water bottle, or become two bottles all in one. And thanks to its separate dry storage compartment, you can even bring solids along for the ride, whether that’s medicine, food, or protein powder.

“Technology has transformed many products and we knew that the everyday bottle had room for major improvements,” said Golchi co-founder Harsh Garg. “This truly is an all-in-one bottle that will be the last bottle you’ll ever need to buy because Golchi is designed for convenience for all different lifestyles on the go. The days of carrying around multiple bottles are over.”

You can also choose the way in which you consume your different beverages with Golchi’s patented controlled-flow mechanism. Select a specific drinking spout based on your beverage’s temperature (or contents) — you’ll be able to adjust a movable slider with three level locking points so that you can more slowly sip at your hot beverages, and gulp cold drinks down.

The Golchi is leak-proof, dishwasher safe, and ought to fit into most cup holders, bike cages, and backpack pockets. And with six colors and four styles to choose from, you should be able to find a Golchi that suits not only your needs but your aesthetic as well.

“We all have busy multi-faceted lifestyles and we consume a wide range of beverages to keep us going,” added Golchi co-founder Ankita Garg. “This is why we created Golchi as the one bottle that can be your everywhere, everyday companion. We designed Golchi to be the last bottle you will ever need to buy.”

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