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Now you can talk to Google Assistant with Nest Secure to keep your home safe

Google’s Nest Secure customers have a bonus coming soon, in the form of more complete Google Assistant capability.

Since last spring, Nest Secure users have been able to use Google Assistant to arm the system and check their home’s status while in the house or away. Customers could also change mode setting in the alarm system with voice commands.

As before, Nest Secure customers will not be able to disarm the security system with just their voice — the only time that works is if you cancel arming the system by changing your mind almost immediately. If you don’t cancel the arming comment within seconds, you’ll have to use the normal methods, either punching in a passcode on the Net Guard keypad or tapping it with a Nest Tag.

As the new feature set rolls out to Google Secure installations, which Nest said has already started, customers will be able to ask for real-time information. For example, “Hey, Google, do I need an umbrella today?”

Customers can talk directly to the Nest Guard, the Nest Secure component that’s essentially the brains of the outfit. The Nest Guard holds the alarm, security system’s keypad, a motion sensor, speakers and microphones. Most Nest Secure system users place the Nest Guard close to the most commonly used entry of the house — just inside the door to the garage, for example, or on a table near the front door.

So if you have a Nest Secure system, once you’ve enabled the new functions you can ask the Nest Guard about the about weather, traffic, flight status or more before you leave the house.

According to Nest, the new Google Assistant smarts in the Nest Guard also support Google Home smart home Routines. When you return for the day, you can say something like, “Hey, Google, I’m back,” or however you’ve named the Routine. Announcing the voice command will initiate other smart home devices such as Nest Thermostats, lights, cameras, and locks to your configured setting for each.

You will also be able to access, add, and edit events, appointments, tasks, and lists with Google Assistant by using voice commands with the Nest Guard. So, for just a few examples, when you walk in the door or any time you can talk to your Nest Guard to add appointments to your calendar, set a reminder, or make an addition to a shopping list.

According to Nest, customers will receive an email containing instructions on how to enable Google Assistant on Nest Guard when it’s available for their Nest Secure system. Turning on a previously unused microphone in the Nest Guard is strictly optional in the Nest app and not enabled by default.

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