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Govee gets into cubism with new light panels

Govee has announced an iteration on its Hexa Wall Panels at CES 2022. The upcoming Glide 3D Hexagon light panels will maintain the features of the previous model, including music and animation modes, but will make them available in a new cube-shaped wall panel. This looks like it will break up their existing hexa panels into three regions with their own separate potential color schemes.

Govee’s been busy at CES showing off the earlier generation of wall tiles, as well as its Glide lightbar. The whole lot of them feature everything you would expect from modern smart lights, such as voice control via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri via HomeKit. There’s music sync using your mobile device’s mic. You can use programming presets, make your own, or discover color programs shared by the community. Daily scheduling and home-wide scene modes are also available. Govee uses RGBIC, which means the LEDs have their own independent control chip. This enables their lights to shine different colors simultaneously, rather than a single color across the whole strip or bulb.

Govee Hexa cube wall tiles installed above bed.

We’ve been fans of Govee’s lights in the past, and more specifically their price points. We’re hoping the new wall panels can keep that good cost-to-quality ratio. It would be great to see the app updated, but so long as we have control through native Android and iOS apps, we’ll at least be able to access core functions painlessly.

Expect Govee’s new wall cubes to hit store shelves across the U.S., Europe, Canada, and the U.K. this summer.

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