Harken back to the days of Edison with these Menlo Park Lamps

While eco-conscious homeowners are busy updating their lamps to modern and efficient CFL and LED bulbs, one design outfit based in Atlanta, Georgia has been going the other direction in time. The Dapper Llama’s Menlo Park Lamps are inspired by the bulbs Thomas Edison showed off back in 1879, in the park of the same name.

The ultra-simple lamps use reproduction bulbs for the lighting component of the lamps. TDL says that the light from the bulbs is relaxing and provides an ambiance to the room. They’ve created several different versions from the single bulb to a double, triple and even a hanging pendant version (Though we couldn’t find any evidence of that last one and aren’t sure how it would work in practice.) 

The pictured pieces are made from solid cherry wood, but  it appears that TDL will make the pieces from nearly any wood, though. They feature light-up push-button switches and vintage power cords and plugs for detail. 

Menlo Park Lamps can be found on The Dapper Llama’s Etsy store, and are custom made to order. They sell for between $95 and $180, and you can order replacement bulbs for $12 apiece.