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Keep cool and carry on with the Hisense Hi-Smart Portable AC

Hisense Hi-Smart
Staying cool has never been quite so easy, thanks to the Hisense Hi-Smart Portable AC unit, otherwise known as your best friend this summer. The 10,000 BTU unit promises to cool 300 square feet easily and efficiently, and will set you back significantly less than other portable AC units, at $369.

While most AC units ask you to sacrifice your ears for the sake of a comfortable room temperature, the Hisense AC claims quiet operation, with a low noise cooling system that achieves just 47 dB with the fan set on “low.” How does it do it? According to the Hisense team, there’s a new air tunnel and centrifugal fan that allows for quieter airflow with the same performance.

The unit also features a dual display that promises to be easy to read no matter where in the room you are. And of course, you can also control your AC from across the room, thanks to a companion smartphone app. Once you’ve downloaded the free Hisense app to either your iPhone or Android device, simply connect it to your AC unit through your home router. Then, you can control your AC from any location.

You’ll also be able to set various routines on a weekly or daily basis so your Hi-Smart knows exactly what to do at each hour or each day. More importantly, this programming can help you save money (and the Earth, while you’re at it).

The Hi-Smart Portable AC comes with an I-FEEL remote control with a built-in sensor capable of determining its surrounding temperature and adjusting your AC’s cooling power accordingly. That means that if you place your AC unit in a shady part of your room, but have a large window that allows the hot sun to beat onto your bed during waking hours, your Hi-Smart will should cool the warmest part of your environment.

The AC promises multiple features, like cooling, fan, and dehumidifier functions, and also features multi-directional auto air flow. This way, you ought to be able to actually cool an entire room, and not just one corner.

So if you’re looking for a reprieve from the heat, look no further than this smart AC unit.

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