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Hive takes it outside with weatherproof live feed HD security camera

Continuing to build its range of smart home products, Centrica Hive added the Hive View Outdoor smart external security camera to its line.

The exterior model is similar to the Hive View indoor smart camera in design and adds to the inside version’s security feature set.

The Hive View Outdoor camera mount requires access to a power line, typically connected to a cable that extends through a home exterior wall. The camera cube attaches to the mount magnetically and can be adjusted to monitor the owner’s desired view.

After setup via Hive’s mobile app, homeowners can integrate the Hive View Outdoor camera with other Hive products such as smart lighting. The Hive camera is not compatible with third-party standards such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

“Our customers have inspired our product designs ever since we started Hive,” said Centrica Hive Global Product Director Tom Guy. “Protecting their home and loved ones is of the utmost importance and it was clear we needed to extend our security offering to give complete reassurance.”

If something triggers the camera’s 24/7 sensors within in its 130-degree angle view, the system sends the homeowner an immediate alert. The owner can view real-time 1080 HD video or speak to a visitor through the camera’s two-way audio capability.

The weatherproof Hive View Outdoor has automatic infrared night vision with motion, sound, and people detectors. Like Hive’s indoor camera, the exterior version can discern people from other moving objects, such as pets.

When the camera detects a human it automatically captures and sends a thumbnail image to the homeowner. The thumbnail helps the owner determine if the person in the image is a friend, someone making a delivery, or a stranger.

Video captured by the Hive View Outdoor is saved in the cloud for download or viewing for 24 hours at no additional cost. With an optional Hive Video Playback Membership subscription, the stored video is accessible for 30 days.

Future plans for the Hive View Outdoor include Activity Zones to select specific monitoring areas and Automated Sounds that will broadcast stored and selected audio such as an angry dog’s bark when the camera senses a person in range.

The Hive View Outdoor camera pricing starts at $199. Preorders for single, double, and multi-camera orders are available with a 20 percent discount now through December 9, 2018.

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