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This smart safe opens via keypad, smartphone, or remote access

ikeyp bolt safe ces launch 20170626 2m 0944
We’ve written about the iKeyp smart safe before, covering the launch Solo Technology Holding’s iKeyp Pro product on Indiegogo. Now we’re looking forward to getting our hands on their latest product at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, where the company is introducing the iKeyp Bolt, the latest product in its groundbreaking line of smart safes.

Much like the iKeyp Pro, the iKeyp Bolt offers easy no-tool installation, convenient access, 24/7 security monitoring, real-time reminders, and visual and audible alerts on the device. Now the new modulation offers owners the ability to mount the smart safe with screws to a wall or inside a cabinet. The company will have fully functional devices for examination at CES booth 51924 in the Eureka Park Marketplace.

“The iKeyp Bolt is another step towards our goal of making technologically advanced security products for homeowners and renters that are simple to install and convenient to use every day,” said Jeffrey Hermann, founder and CEO of Solo Technology Holdings LLC. “We are continually listening to our customers and responding with new iKeyp products to meet market demand in this fast-growing smart home and security segments.”

Like its predecessor, the iKeyp Bolt is designed to serve multiple purposes, allowing for the safekeeping and monitoring of currency, documents, prescription medications or other valuable or important items. The company also recommends its product for use in high-traffic environments with multiple residents such as dorm rooms, multi-roommate apartments, assisted living homes, and other medical facilities.

Much of the iKeyp Bolt’s attraction lies in its ease of use. Like other vault-like products in the line, the iKeyp Bolt can be opened using the built-in digital keypad, a smartphone or a backup key, as well as remotely by customer service as needed. The company will launch a third product, said to be a larger safe, in 2018 as well.

Headquartered in Purchase, New Jersey, the team from Solo Technology Holdings is looking forward to traversing the country to show off its latest smart safe at CES.

“There is no better show than CES 2018 to launch the expansion of our one-of-a-kind product line and we are proud to be a Consumer Technology Association (CTA) member,” Hermann said.

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