The Imbue Magnetic Tea Infuser easily makes loose leaf on the go

imbue magnetic tea infusing vessel infuser with
Brewing loose leaf tea can be messy and complicated, especially if you’re trying to make a cup on the go. Fortunately, a group of students at Western Washington University have designed a new product that makes the process a little easier. Dubbed Imbue, it’s a “magnetic tea-infusing vessel.”

Imbue Magnetic Tea Infuser ApartThe body is constructed of shatter-resistant borosilicate glass; the bamboo lid contains a neodymium magnet that attracts the stainless steel strainer. To brew your tea, fill the strainer with your favorite loose leaf tea, attach it to the lid, pour water into the tumbler, screw on the cap, then flip the whole contraption upside down. Whether you want a weaker or stronger cup, you can control the strength of your beverage by deciding when it to turn it rightside up.

The infuser has a leak-proof silicone gasket to minimize spills, and the tumbler comes with a removable sleeve made of a natural fiber, giving the whole thing a rustic touch while keeping your fingers cool.

To generate enough capital to go into production, the group just finished its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign met its $20,000 goal the first day and went on to raise more than $360,000 in pledges. It seems lots of people can’t wait to get their hands on a this simple tea-brewing system. According to the the students’ Kickstarter page, the money raised will go to more than just making the product; it will also support the WWU student chapter of the Industrial Design Society of America, which organizes design events and guest speakers and sets up opportunities for students to learn from professionals.

Ready to go bagless? The imbue tea infuser is still available for preorder for $30 on Imbue’s website and will begin shipping in October 2015, just in time for tea weather.

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