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Whole Foods built a new annex in your kitchen, thanks to smart oven June

Smart oven June and Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market have partnered to integrate Whole Foods’ products into June’s preprogrammed recipes.

June, a multifunction intelligent oven, replaces seven appliances in one: A convection oven, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster, and warming drawer. The second-generation June oven, released in August, added faster cooking, an easy-to-clean stainless steel interior, and an updated user touchscreen interface. Owners control June with a mobile app or via Amazon Alexa voice command.

Starting Tuesday, October 9, June owners will find a Whole Foods Market icon on the app’s user interface.

June’s Whole Foods Market Cook-Program Image used with permission by copyright holder

Chef-developed June Cook-Programs will create more than 30 Whole Foods Market-brand 365 Everyday Value (365EV) products and foods. So what’s on the menu, exactly? June will be ready to cook up fresh salmon with lemon thyme rub, pork andouille sausage, and frozen vegetable medley, all using 365EV products. Software on current June smart ovens will receive be updated via an over-the-air update that includes the new icon.

June sells for $599 with an accessory pack that includes a thermometer,  roasting rack, June cooking pan, wire shelf, crumb tray, and a one-year warranty. For an extra $200, the $799 June Gourmet Package adds an additional June oven pan, three air-fry and dehydrate baskets, a two-year oven warranty, free shipping, and a three-year subscription to June’s monthly recipe program.

“This is the first partnership of its kind and allows us to deliver a unique benefit to both June owners and Whole Foods Market shoppers, all of whom are busy but prioritize eating well,” said June co-founder and CEO Matt Van Horn. “We are working together toward a shared goal of helping people eat healthier and cook more.”

“As adoption of smart cooking continues to grow exponentially, this partnership allows us to provide a unique offering that makes it even easier for shoppers to enjoy their favorite Whole Foods Market products,” said Norma Quon, Whole Foods Market senior director of global marketing.

“It’s our mission to bring the highest-quality experience, convenience, and innovation to our customers,” Quon continued.

The June smart oven and Whole Foods Market partnership will be interesting to watch. Amazon bought Whole Foods Market in 2017 and has been gradually integrating the online retailer’s presence at Whole Foods Market stores, including parcel lockers, everyday special pricing on many staple foods, and discounts and special offers for Amazon Prime members.  Amazon recently introduced an Alexa Microwave oven which, while much less functional in contrast to the June oven, will also integrate a kitchen countertop appliance with smart home cooking.

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