Kohler’s Verdera smart mirror utilizes Alexa to upgrade your daily routine

Recently, we introduced you to the Kohler Verdera, a “smart mirror” equipped with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa which can act as a control hub for your bathroom. The mirror features twin light bars on each side as well as built-in microphones for voice activation and even speakers to provide tunes for your shower.

On Wednesday, January 10, Digital Trends caught up with Kohler at CES in Las Vegas’ Sands Hotel, where Senior Product Manager Jesse Lemel walked us through some of the mirror’s abilities. “You can talk to the mirror [while shaving or doing makeup] and tell it to turn your lights up to 100 percent so you don’t have to dirty up the countertop or the wall switch.”

While previous iterations of smart mirrors from various companies featured neat tricks like makeup and skin visualizations, the Verdera is aimed squarely at those looking to invest in a connected smart home ecosystem, which has proven to be a hot-button topic at this year’s CES, thanks to the efforts of companies like Samsung. As with many Alexa-enabled products, the mirror can work in tandem with other smart appliances — lights, thermostats, you name it — to help you get your day started (without running around like a chicken with its head cut off).

For example, Kohler also showed off a smart DTV showerhead, which you can add presets to: “If I say ‘Alexa, start Jesse’s shower,’ it’ll turn on my shower — exactly how I like it. What temperature is the water? What combination of rain-head versus body sprays do I get? [The showerhead] will kick on and cycle the water through to the right temperature and settings.”

The mirror is water-resistant, so splashes from the sink won’t short out its speakers or light bars. To get everything connected (assuming you have more Kohler smart products), the Kohler Konnect app is a one-stop solution.

For now, users are limited to Alexa, but Lemel promises that Google Assistant will also be available at some point. The Verdera will be available in three different sizes — 24 inches, 32 inches, and 40 inches — starting in March. Pricing will range from $999 up to $1,299.