Meet the $100K hookah designed by Bugatti and Desvall

Yeah, you read that right. Bugatti, the renowned French auto manufacturer, has partnered up with luxury hookah maker Desvall to design one of the most expensive smoking apparatuses of all time.

Drawing inspiration from Bugatti’s high-performance automotive materials and engineering, the Bugatti by Desvall hookah boasts a special edition carbon fiber casing, a solid titanium frame, and hand-sewn leather details. They basically took a break from making the gold-plated, diamond-studded pipes they usually create, and made one that will look right at home in the back seat of your Veyron

In addition to its superfly exterior and precision-machined parts, the pipe is outfitted with Desvall’s patented pivot technology that allows the hose to rotate 360 degrees around the base. This makes it ideal for groups, as there’s no need to worry about tangles or potentially knocking over your uber-expensive pipe.

The Bugatti hookah is handmade in Sweden, but the company only plans on making 150 of them, so sell your house immediately, and pick one up before they run out!

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