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Miele says it’s finally figured out a better bagless vacuum

“Bagless was not an option for our company,” said Markus Miele at the company’s IFA 2016 press conference. “The cleaning performance and convenience to users was subject to improvement, to put it mildly.” But times have changed. The Miele Blizzard CX1 debuted in all its dustbin-having glory.

The main problem with bagless vacs is that you sometimes have to re-vacuum after you empty the dustbin. When you spring open the trap door, a cloud of debris and dander comes wafts into the air and often onto the floor. The Blizzard, says Miele, won’t double the work for you. For one thing, it’s a “mono-cycle” design, so there’s only one air tunnel the dust has to pass through. It also has a series of filters that help contain the fine particles of dust that otherwise go wafting into the air when you open the canister.

One filter comes contained in a canister with a little window. To clean it out — which you only have to do once or twice a year and the sensors will remind you when it’s time — you run water through the opening, and it comes gushing out the other side. Along with the H2O are the dust particles. You can then unscrew the canister and give the filter itself a rinse. Another HEPA filter is guaranteed for the life of the vacuum, according to the company.

Miele also said the cleaning ability of the Blizzard CX1 is nearly on par with the bagged versions of the company’s vacuums, which Miele isn’t planning on ditching anytime soon. “It all boils down to personal preference,” said Miele. If you prefer to go bagless, the Blizzard will start retailing, in Europe, for $355 (319 euros) in October.

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