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Keep your house looking neat and orderly with cleaning service MyClean

myclean home cleaning service table by hand
Keeping your life in order while keeping your home in order is one seriously tall order. Happily, there’s a service that understands you and your needs, and is here to make things a bit easier. MyClean, the online platform that allows you to book professional maid cleaning services, has now announced a few changes to its pricing model and its website for a more cost-effective, efficient booking process.

By using MyClean’s proprietary technology, customers are promised discounts for getting their cleaning done during off-peak hours, which means that your flexibility will really pay off. But don’t worry, even if you realize that you were overeager in saying that you’d be home at 2 p.m. on a Thursday, MyClean doesn’t charge you any subscription cancellation fees, nor are there any commitments.

“Inspired by our customers’ desire to save and our employees’ need for a consistent, stable work schedule, we’re truly excited to introduce MyClean’s new dynamic pricing engine, a win-win for all,” said CEO Michael Scharf. “We’re the first to market the anti-surge model with our new dynamic pricing feature — if you’re willing to be flexible or get your place cleaned during off-peak times, we’re going to reward you with a discount off your service.”

Operational since 2009, MyClean has cleaned more than 375,000 homes and offices in its short lifetime, averaging more than 2,000 cleans every week between Chicago and New York (sorry folks, MyClean isn’t everywhere quite yet). And rest assured, your cleaning is done by an insured, bonded professional — MyClean promises that temps and contractors are not employed by their company.

To use the service, simply head over to and make your specifications, including the size of your home, and how often you’d like someone to clean. From there, a trained professional will take care of the rest — you just need to make sure you have a vacuum, step stool (if necessary), and toilet brush.

So if your house or apartment could use a good clean, you may want to check out MyClean and start putting your life (or your living quarters) in order.

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