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New Nest Aware connects users to nearest 911 call center for emergencies

Nest Aware, Nest’s cloud-subscription program, gives users access to cloud storage, intelligent alerts, activity zones, and many more useful features. The service originally cost anywhere from $5 per month to $30 per month, but Nest has now made it more affordable and simplified. Rather than paying per camera, Nest users now pay a set monthly price for all of their devices.

The new price is $6 per month, or $60 per year, for access to 30 days of event history. If you want access to 24/7 video recording and up to 60 days of cloud storage, the price is $12 per month, or $120 per year. Users with an existing Nest Aware subscription can upgrade to the new version through the Google Store, but will need to migrate to a Google account if they haven’t yet done so. Nest also allows users to keep their current subscription if they wish.

The new version of Nest Aware sorts through activity and only sends you notifications for what matters. For example, it might not alert you to a dog running by, but it will send a notification if a package has been delivered. The new Nest Aware will also monitor for and alert you to “critical sounds,” like a smoke alarm going off or glass breaking. You can then listen to the audio clip or jump into a livestream to confirm the issue and call 911 straight from the Home app.

What makes this feature stand out is that, unlike calling from your phone, calling 911 from the Home app will always connect you to the 911 center closest to your home no matter where you might be physically.

The new Nest Aware also extends protections to elderly family members. If a relative owns a Nest Hub Max and adds you as a Home member, you can reach out to them through Duo video calling. The Nest Hub Max can also notify you if something needs your attention.

The company has also updated pricing on several of its bestselling products. The Nest Hub is now available for $90 and the Nest Cam Indoor is now $130.

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