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NestBrush is a refillable toothbrush that cleans itself with UV light

Dental health and hygiene are about so much more than a million-dollar smile and fresh breath. Heart disease and a host of other serious conditions can be linked by to your oral health, so it’s even more important to brush those pearly whites twice a day.

The NestBrush makes it easy to take better care of your teeth thanks to a host of innovative features that set it apart from other brushes on the market. It features a self-dispensing system that gives you the right amount of toothpaste each and every time, while food-grade bristles ensure plaque is removed from your teeth without being too rough.

The dispenser holds a small amount of toothpaste. You don’t have to use a specific kind; in fact, you can use almost any kind of toothpaste, so pick your favorite one. The toothpaste then travels through an internal channel and emerges from the brush head. You can rinse the brush out between refills, so you don’t have to worry about toothpaste drying out and clogging up the brush.

The NestBrush also comes with a unique stand. It keeps your brush up and away from germs, while a UV-C light fits around the head of your brush and blasts any germs or bacteria you may have picked up. This extends the life of your toothbrush and prevents you from introducing any unwanted bacteria back into your mouth when you brush.

NestBrush being placed into its UVC light stand.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

An included travel case also emits UV-C light. Even if you’re away on business, your toothbrush will still be clean.

The NestBrush is currently available on Kickstarter for just $65, a special pre-order price that will increase to $130 after the product launches. The toothbrush will be delivered worldwide and comes with a six-month warranty. The Nest Brush is available in black, white, pink, and blue and is estimated to arrive in November of this year.

As with any crowdfunding project, be aware that a pledge is not a guarantee of delivery. You are backing the product and the idea, but contributing money doesn’t mean the product will be delivered or even produced.

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