Neurio’s Home Energy Monitor helps you keep tabs on your electricity usage

neurio home energy monitor smart sensor

Neurio, the makers of the Home Intelligence Monitor, have launched a follow-up device called the Home Energy Monitor to help users track real-time energy usage in a bid to reduce consumption and save money.

Neurio says the smart device can be installed in less than 15 minutes, a process that involves attaching a single sensor to a home’s circuit box. It works in tandem with the company’s free iOS, Android, or web app to display the real-time monitoring information. It’s very similar to the Intelligence Monitor, but about $100 less and with less in-depth information.

The idea is to identify where energy is being wasted and so users change their habits and lower their bills. This includes an “always on” identifier focused on items in the house that are always drawing power. Solar power is also included in both directions — the amount of power generated and how much of it is being consumed.

A home-comparison feature allows users to gauge their own energy usage (and savings) with those from other houses in their area. To continually prod users to stick to energy-saving habits, the app will provide tips on ways to mitigate energy waste.

A “prediction” feature is also embedded, where the Home Energy Monitor digs deeper to let users forecast what their utility bills will be as a way to avoid shock when the monthly statement shows up. That requires users to input the utility rate they pay into the app, handing it off to Neurio to do the job of monitoring real-time usage and predicting what the final tally will be. The company thinks this will help consumers be better stewards of their homes’ power grids.

The Home Energy Monitor isn’t closed off to other smart home products, hubs, or apps. Neurio has an open API and the new device is compatible with third-party automator apps like IFTTT.

The Neurio Home Energy Monitor is available for pre-order beginning today for $149, shipping in early October.