This single sensor can monitor all the electricity use in your house

Back in October 2013, a Kickstarter came on line for a single sensor that would connect the entire house by plugging into the source: the circuit box. Neurio reached its funding goal nearly three times over, and as of today, it’s shipping to backers and available for pre-order.

The Neurio monitors energy consumption and helps reduce cost by showing you exactly what’s putting a drain on the system. Unlike something like Belkin’s Insight Switch — which tracks the energy use of only what’s plugged into it — the sensor keeps an eye on everything electrical in the home. It will eventually, with the next software update, turn even old appliances into connected devices. This means users will see which appliances are on or off and if they’re working properly.

Using the free iOS or Android app, homeowners will get a picture of their energy consumption. The Neurio sensor sends individual devices’ information to the cloud over Wi-Fi nearly continuously, where it’s fed through an algorithm that determines its status and consumption.

Its platform is open, and it works with SmartThings, Spark, and IFTTT to enhance already smart devices; your actions can trigger other events, like turning on the hall light when the garage door opens. The sensor learns from your habits and can send you alerts when the dryer’s done or you left the stove on. If you have a solar setup, the Neurio detects both power flowing in and out, though the solar-compatible version costs $120 extra.

Setup is quick, about 15 minutes, but Neurio recommends a professional handle the task. You can pre-order one for $249. If you just can’t wait, Smappee is a similar device, using a single sensor to give you a snapshot of your energy usage, though you can also add a three-pack of smart plugs and turn even dumb devices on and off remotely.