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Belkin’s energy-tracking Insight Switch now on sale for 60 bucks

belkins latest wemo switch tracks energy usage screen shot 2013 11 22 at 10 41 02 am

Adding to it’s already awesome line of WiFi-conncected WeMo switches and sensors, Belkin has just unleashed a newer, smaller, and even more tricked-out gizmo called the Insight Switch.

Just like the original WeMo switch, the Insight Switch acts as a middleman between your wall outlet and any plug-in device. By connecting to your home WiFi network, this allows you to turn things on or off from your smartphone – no matter where you are in the world. It’s a novel idea, but Insight takes it a step further with a new consumption-tracking feature that lets you monitor your electricity usage for connected devices. With Insight and Belkin’s accompanying Android or iOS app, you can easily keep tabs on how long your lamp, television, washing machine, or whatever else has been running, and then calculate exactly how much they’re costing you each month.

WeMo Insight is available today for $60.

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