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Otto premium smart lock was designed by former Microsoft and Apple engineers

After four years of development and nearly 50 years of simulated durability testing, the Otto smart lock sets a new standard for premium and secure digital locks. Otto is designed around a family experience, with kids, delivery drivers, and friends constantly coming and going.

Without a lock to pick or a keypad to attack, Otto removes the most vulnerable aspects of locks today. Additional testing ensured that each Otto lock could survive significant force whether it be from forced entry or a moody teenager. Inside Otto is a system of gears using marine-grade 316 stainless steel. The developers built a dozen proprietary robots to mimic events like a door slamming over 100,000 times at 60G of force (two or three times the average door slam). Another robot tests more than 250,000 cycles of locking and unlocking to simulate a lifetime of use.

In terms of design, Otto was built to be no larger than the mechanical deadbolt it replaces. Entry is granted by either entering an access code or by connecting with an authorized phone over built-in Wi-Fi. Guests can be granted full or one-time access and instantly revoked through a companion app. The app can also lock and unlock Otto from anywhere. Enhanced digital encryption promises to be the most sophisticated and secure available. Even better, Otto continually receives updates for added security, features, and integrations later down the road.

“We wanted to create an experience that allows families to share their space with others while enhancing security,” said Otto founder and CEO Sam Jadallah in a statement. “In an industry desperately needing a replacement to the key and keypad’s lax security, we’ve eliminated the keyhole — along with a physical keypad — to create the most secure digital lock ever made with the best-in-class security, grand design, and industry-leading performance.”

Otto is currently available for pre-order through its official site for a limited-time price of $699. To ensure that Otto is properly installed, a concierge service will come to a buyer’s home to set up the device for no extra charge. The device comes in mineral black, steel silver, and natural gold and has scheduled shipping for fall 2017.

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