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Rimowa’s new Electronic Tag digital suitcase makes luggage check-in easy

It’s one of the worst traveling dilemmas — do you waste precious time by checking a bag, hoping it’ll come out in one piece on the other side, or do you try to stuff all your possessions into a bag that will fit under the seat in front of you? Now, there may be the semblance of a solution. Meet Rimowa’s new Electronic Tag, heralded as “the first digital check-in solution for your luggage.”

Sliding into the future of travel, Rimowa has unveiled the world’s first fully integrated digital suitcase, the Riomwa Electronic Tag. With this piece of luggage, you’ll be able to check in your bag from home using nothing more than your smartphone, then simply drop it off when you arrive at the airport. There’s no stress, no time suck, and while Rimowa can’t guarantee that your airline won’t lose your bag, a digital tag somehow feels safer than a flimsy paper one.

The magic lies in the Electronic Tag itself, which replaces the normal tie-on labels with a “digital data module to which the airline’s luggage data is transmitted.” You can personalize the tag by way of the companion app, and flight data will automatically be sent to the selected piece of luggage and shown on the display. Once this is complete, your case has not only been checked in, but is also properly labeled for its journey.

And don’t worry — even if your bag loses power during a long flight, the display won’t shut off. The e-ink Electronic Tag remains visible regardless of battery status.

While German airline Lufthansa is the only carrier currently completely compatible with the Rimowa Electronic Tag, United is in the testing phase, and the German luggage firm promises that “the system will be continuously expanded to include leading global airline partners.”

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