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Ring is helping your video doorbell get spooky for Halloween

The folks at Ring have unloaded a volley of video doorbell customizations to mark the impending arrival of Halloween. You can now kit out your front doorbell with new faceplates, quick replies, and chimes perfect for the spooky season.

New quick replies help inject some personality into the automated responses to someone at the door. Lines like, “Tell us what brings you here … or we’ll put a spell on you!” can be shouted when you can’t answer yourself. Others include, “Boo! Leave us a message if you dare [evil laugh],” “Just a minute! Feel free to park your broom,” and “Please leave the package (and any hocus pocus) outside.” Quick replies can be seen as a kind of smart answering machine, whereby visitors can interact with the prompts and leave messages relevant to the quick reply you set. They’re pretty easy to set up, too.

You can spruce up the exterior of your Ring doorbell with new exterior faceplates, too. You can get bats and spiderwebs on your Ring Video Doorbell 2. For the Ring Video Doorbell 3, Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus, and Ring Video Doorbell 4, there are two options now available: Halloween pumpkins and an autumn scene. As always, Ring also has 16 different colored faceplates to choose from. If you need help doing the swap, we’ve got the installation rundown here.

The Ring Doorbell app.

Lastly, there are some appropriately chilling chimes you can add. Bats, ghosts, howling, screaming, ominous organ tones, creepy laughs, a screeching cat, and a creaky door are just some of the new doorbell sounds you can set to greet trick-or-treaters. We know the Christmas stuff will be hitting store shelves the millisecond the clock strikes 12:01 on the morning of November 1, but don’t worry, Ring has you covered there, too.

The customizability of the Ring Video Doorbell 3 stood out as one of its selling features in our review. Halloween notwithstanding, it’s great to be able to mix up the look and feel of the doorbell to match whatever seasonal décor you’re working with.

If these new additions don’t drag would-be visitors kicking and screaming into the Halloween spirit, we don’t know what will. The new quick replies and chimes are available now through the app, and you can pick up the new Halloween faceplates here.

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