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Hate mopping? The Everybot RS500 will save your back and make floors sparkle

Everybot RS500
It’s important to you to keep a clean house, but scrubbing the floors can be back-breaking work. And hiring someone to do the cleaning for you is out of the question if you don’t have the budget for it. If only there were a machine that could let you return home to find the floors already clean as a whistle. After all, robots can do so much now, from making our cocktails to scaring cats off the counters. Well, there’s now a robot designed specifically to mop the floors. Meet the Everybot RS500, which was crowdfunded on Indiegogo.

The device is simple to use, as a single touch of a button sets the robot into motion. Once the machine starts doing its thing, this little robot proves it’s pretty powerful. The built-in dual-spin mop operates at 5,700 rotations per minute, which means it’s robust enough to catch even the finest dust particles on your floors. Worried about the robot scratching your hardwood floors? The Everybot mop is designed with patented microfibers to ensure your floors won’t be left with nasty marks.

To help the mop stay wet, the robot has two built-in water tanks and an automatic water supply system. You likely won’t have to refill the water tanks during the cleaning process, as they hold enough water to clean most average-sized homes. And thanks to the compact design, Everybot will reach areas in the home you might not be able to reach on your own, like underneath the bed and behind the couch. There’s likely more dust in these crevices than you’d expect.

The Everybot mop also comes with a remote control that lets you steer the robot if you’d like it to do something other than a basic cleaning. The remote can adjust between intensive cleaning mode and corner cleaning mode. There’s even an “S curve” cleaning mode, which is perfect if you’re pressed for time and just want to give the floor a quick once-over. The “Y curve” cleaning mode works well if a particular section of floor needs a very thorough mopping.

Get Everybot RS500 for $315 at

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