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Skip eating out and make your own flatbread for life with the Rotimatic

Perhaps the best part about indulging in a neighborhood Indian restaurant is the fresh roti. A flatbread typically made of stoneground flour, roti have a knack for tying an entire meal together and now, anyone has the ability to whip up a batch of roti from the comfort of their own home with the aptly named appliance, the Rotimatic. An at-home breadmaker of sorts, the Rotimatic is an all-in-one machine that accurately measures, mixes, kneads, and cooks a batch of roti in minutes.

Built with an advanced artificial intelligence system, the Rotimatic leans on 15 different sensors to produce the flatbread. Because each ball of dough tends to differ from batch to batch, the sensors allow the machine to make instant changes in order to cook each roti properly. Additionally, with its onboard 32-bit microprocessor and 10 motors, the Rotimatic is able to churn out a roti in roughly one minute — flattened and all.

“I’m very health-conscious and as a newlywed wife back in the day, I wanted to cook healthy meals for my family,” Rotimatic co-creator Pranoti Nagarkar told TechCrunch. “As such, I would rush back home at the end of a long working day to cook my meals from scratch. Roti is a staple in my diet, it’s a low-calorie, unleavened flatbread that originated in India – a staple food for about a billion people across the globe. It is also one of the hardest parts of the meal preparation process in these homes.”

What makes the Rotimatic especially appealing is that it’s a breeze to operate. Owners load the machine with the required ingredients, select the number of rotis they wish to make, push the play button, and then sit back and relax while the Rotimatic does all the work. In minutes, a batch of freshly cooked rotis are ready to be enjoyed. Once a batch finishes, the machine’s parts are easily removable to make the cleaning process efficient and quick.

Then there is the price. Sold for the fairly steep price of $999, the Rotimatic is certainly an investment. Will you make $1,000 worth of roti with it? There is a good chance whoever buys it will make an excuse to cook roti as often as possible. We know we would.

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