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Samsung SmartThings announces new partnerships for smart energy

Samsung SmartThings, the company’s smart home and IoT division, announced today during CES 2022 that it would be expanding its Energy service. The SmartThings Energy expansion will further continue to help consumers optimize their energy usage and save money on utilities.

SmartThings Energy launched in July 2021 and the service overhauled the home energy category and still drives technology transformation with the help of its partners today. SmartThings Energy helps users reduce their global environmental impact using energy management platforms, energy providers, and sustainability partners. The expansion sees SmartThings Energy working with Constellation, Logical Buildings, and Oracle Utilities for various projects.

A flyer explaining the SmartThings Energy service and mission.
Smartthings Energy

SmartThings will be working with Oracle to combine Oracle’s contextual and behavioral energy insights with SmartThings products and automation services. This partnership helps users save more money with their SmartThings Energy products since those products will recognize patterns more efficiently.

Logical Buildings and SmartThings have paired up to use Logical Building’s rewards program. The program is hosted in the ConED utility market. After participating in the ConED response program, users will be able to see insights about their energy usage and use that information to help create automation in the SmartThings Energy app. That automation will help the environment and allow users to save money and earn rewards.

Lastly, Constellation is an energy and energy solutions provider. The company will be partnering with SmartThings to create solutions that utilize multiple areas of expertise between the companies. The solutions will help users easily view and manage home energy usage while home or away due to its focus on sustainability and efficiency.

These three collaborations will work alongside SmartThing Energy’s established capabilities and services. Its services include offering users whole-home energy monitoring along with device-specific energy usage. SmartThings also stated that they would be attempting to work with other manufacturers throughout 2022 to strengthen its impact on users and the environment.

The SmartThings Energy goals are to deliver a net-zero future, provide users with more accessible solutions for managing energy use, and ultimately make an impactful difference for the planet. These partnerships are the next step to achieving those goals.

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