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Nice try, adults: The SelfieBroom will not trick your teenager into doing chores

selfiebroom sweeping selfie screen shot 2016 06 22 at 5 05 48 pm
In a world filled with strange things, the SelfieBroom really stands out. In what can only be described as a narcissist’s best bet at actually doing chores, this contraption is exactly what it sounds like: a broom that lets you take selfies.

But hear us out: It’s not actually just meant for people who want to take photos of themselves tidying up. Instead, the SelfieBroom has the “ability to stand anywhere, anytime with a hyper-intuitive, single-hand operation to engage SelfieBroom’s kickstand.” So it’s not that you’re meant to take a selfie while sweeping — it’s just that you can if you want to. Ah, the wonders of this world.

Recognizing the nuisance of non-freestanding brooms, which seem to have penchants for making your cleaning process as difficult as possible by constantly falling down as you attempt to empty a dustpan or  leave them unattended, the SelfieBroom team decided to create a tool that “can simply stand anywhere — no walls necessary.” The kickstand means that you can take your hands off the broom at any point, and yes, if you want to, you can take a selfie.

On top of the broom sits a smartphone holder, so you can secure your device and “take as many selfies as your heart desires.” Because what better Snapchat story could you possibly have to tell than the saga of your housework? “Kim K may have a selfie book,” SelfieBroom proudly proclaims on its Kickstarter page, “But you have a SelfieBroom!”

With three weeks left in its campaign, the SelfieBroom has already raised nearly $5,000 from 36 backers. And at this rate, it just may hit its funding target of $11,725. If you’re looking to get a SelfieBroom of your own, you can preorder one of these contraptions for about $20 (or 25 Canadian dollars) — but that’s only the super early bird price. If you delay too long and decide you want a SelfieBroom after this promotion has ended, you’ll have to pay around twice as much.

So if you need some motivation to get cleaning, the SelfieBroom just may be the best thing that’s ever happened to your house.

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