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Sleek magnetic floating table costs $30,000

Santa might not have the means to get this gift into his sleigh this coming Saturday night, given its size and cost. Putting aside the “why would you need this” factor, you have to admit the design is rather intriguing. In the grand tradition of Neiman Marcus and things you didn’t know existed, this sleek and futuristic “hovering” coffee table costs $30,000 and as you can see from the video above, it actually floats.

If you have a house full of old style Victorian furniture, chances are something this high tech will be a bit out of place. However, if your style lends itself towards modern glass, chrome and steel, this may be the thing for you. A company called Siren Design Studios has come up with this table, which they’ve christened the Teles Taxídi.

How does it work? A pair of powerful magnets keep the two pieces — the upper glass structure and the base — floating parallel to one another, two inches apart. And as Gizmodo notes, “to prevent the upper portion from being launched across a room by the magnet in its base, it also features a series of support wires and pulleys that hold everything in alignment.”

The company website helpfully adds: “The two magnets, balanced one over the other, are held in place by +1,000 lbs test Kevlar cord, while the unique two-tier cable system allows the magnetic forces to be leveraged against the glass top in a way previously never considered.” The fact that you’d feel really guilty propping muddy sneakers on it goes without saying.

The Denver-based outfit doesn’t mention the cost on their site, though the website Fancy does … by the way, there are no returns and it’ll take up to a month to get one. If you’re interested, you can contact Siren Design Studios here.

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