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Brinke Guthrie

Brinke Guthrie


Brinke’s favorite toys include his Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Toshiba Chromebook 2, Motorola Moto G4, and two Kindles. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music Broadcast Division, he's an avid old-school James Bond fan who favors the Fleming novels over the movies, and finally replaced his tattered paperbacks with Kindle downloads. Brinke and his wife live in the SF Bay Area.

awesome tech cant buy yet week november 10 2013 lavabitsilentcircledarkmail

Ultra private email provider Lavabit is back online

NSA leaker Edward Snowden's email provider Lavabit is back online with new and improved security features.
hackers disrupt sundance box office sd 1

Hackers hit Sundance Film Festival

Hackers disrupted the Sundance Film Festival box office on Saturday, but the shows went on.
anne hathaway produce star scifi comedy the shower warner

Anne Hathaway takes on ‘Colossal’ sized movie role

Oscar winner Anne Hathaway takes on a quirky role in the new monster movie Colossal, due out April 7 in the U.S.
star trek fan film lawsuit has been resolved by all parties st 1

CBS and Paramount resolve ‘Star Trek’ fan film suit

The CBS/Paramount suit over a 'Star Trek' fan film will not boldly go to the courtroom.

Pixar unveils Easter eggs connecting all its titles

It's long been a fan theory that all Pixar films are somehow connected. Turns out they are right.
star trek vr ces 2017 discovery

'Star Trek Discovery' won't be ready for May blastoff

The latest incarnation of the Star Trek franchise won't be lifting off in May after all.
lamp uses your whistle to light the room 1

Light up your home by whistling at this lamp

Light switches are so last-century. This high-tech lamp lights things up with a mere whistle.
spacex to attempt another barge landing spacexrocket2

SpaceX has seventh successful launch and booster retrieval

SpaceX lives by the motto "what goes up, must come down ... " as in their rocket boosters. And that's just what happened Saturday,
Jimmy Iovine

Apple exec Jimmy Iovine talks Apple Music expansion

Apple Music wants to hit the hot button of pop culture, says executive Jimmy Iovine. He has some ideas on how to do that.
Apple AirPods review

Apple AirPod ad campaign begins with limited product availability

A dancer by the name of Lil Buck showcases the "freedom" of the new Apple AirPod earbuds in a series of TV spots.
check out life sized lego batmobile leg 1

Holy Legos! Batman's Lego Batmobile debuts in Detroit

It's a ride fit for a Caped Crusader -- feast your eyes on a life-sized version of the Lego Batmobile, old chum.
panasonic testing helper robots in narita japan bot 1

Panasonic’s autonomous robot may have your job someday

Panasonic's testing HOSPI(R), an "autonomous delivery robot" designed to help us clueless humans.
nasa drones annoying sound apple maps drone city

A drone may one day save your life

Doctors could soon get an immediate look at those in dire medical need via "disaster drones."
alexa skills development improvements dtdeals amazon echo dot

Amazon Echo continues AI domination into 2017

Amazon's Echo was its top seller for the holiday period, and the future looks busy for the AI home assistant.
carrie fisher star wars episode viii finished filming scenes 1

Lucasfilm will not create a CGI Princess Leia for future Star Wars films

Lucasfilm can create any character imaginable for Star Wars, but a CGI Princess Leia won't be one of them.
chuwi 13 inch tablet details apollo lake procesor ces 2017 hi13 2 in 1 windows 10 pc

That monthlong delay in Windows 10 Insider updates? There’s a reason for that

It's been a slow time for Windows 10 Insider build releases, but have no fear, as Microsoft explains that a new one should arrive this week.
Apple MacBook 13-inch Touch Pad

Mac market share falls to five-year low

The Apple Mac market share has dropped to its lowest level in five years, with OS rivals like Linux and Microsoft's Windows the beneficiaries.
Apple MacBook 13-inch Touch Pad

MacBook Pro saves life of man in Florida airport shooting

A man credits his MacBook Pro for stopping a bullet in the Friday Florida airport shooting that left five people dead and eight others hurt.
nba virtual reality tv lebron james vr body

Warriors/Kings contest to live-stream on Facebook tonight

Sunday night will mark Facebook's first-ever live stream of an NBA game.
apple augmented reality tim cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook gets pay cut after missing 2016 goals

Even the CEO of a huge tech company gets graded on his achievements. Apple CEO Tim Cook took a pay cut over Apple's 2016 results.

Dallas child orders a dollhouse and cookies via Alexa

Kids will be kids. And one Dallas six-year-old has discovered if you ask Alexa for a dollhouse, you'll get it.
google home review 2016 mem 2v2

A pair of Google Homes bicker like an old couple on Twitch

When Google rolled out their Home assistants, they might not have imagined them singing Don't Stop Believin'.
golden globe awards 2017 winners highlights snubs version 1483908734 globes trophy 2013 hd wallpapers

Here's where to catch Sunday's Golden Globes show

It's the first big movies/TV awards show of the season, and there are several different ways to watch it.
time to lower the times square ball 1

Facts and apps for tonight’s New Year’s Eve Times Square ball drop

Time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. The massive Times Square New Year's Eve ball in New York City is the focal point of the U.S. festivities.
itunes list of top christmas movies ever elf 1

Apple announces iTunes’ top five best-selling holiday movies

'Tis the season to "Let it stream, let it stream, let it stream." Here's the list of Apple's top-selling Christmas movies on iTunes.
Christmas tree with presents.

Christmas tree drone does your holiday decorating

If your Christmas tree is too tall to decorate, let this holiday drone do the job for you.
lucas wanted fascist look for new star wars logo rice 1

How the ‘fascist’ logo for ‘Star Wars’ was created

George Lucas had a very definite vision for the logo to go on his science fiction movie. It was called Star Wars, and he wanted a "fascist" look.
bill gates is once again a secret santa bg 1

Gifts and glitter galore: Bill Gates played Secret Santa to one Reddit user

When you're Bill Gates, you can really bring it when it comes to Christmas presents. He was once again a Reddit Secret Santa, and he did not disappoint.
1309315 autosave v1 football1

Reminder: walkie-talkies are forbidden on NFL sidelines

While NFL coaches can use Bose headsets and Surface tablets on the sidelines, walkie-talkies are out of bounds. One NFL coach is in trouble for using one.
metallica in process of recording 10th studio album

This one goes to eleven — Metallica does 'Enter Sandman' at Gelson's in Hollywood

With a new album out, Metallica hits a grocery deli department to sing their iconic signature tune, "Enter Sandman." With the meat clerk.
woman wins moon rock bag court battle with nasa 1

Auction winner gets to keep her moon rock bag after court battle with NASA

An Apollo 11 moon rock bag was at the center of a legal battle between NASA and the woman who bought it at a U.S. Marshals Service auction for $995.
sleek floating table costs 30000 dollars 2

Sleek magnetic floating table costs $30,000

You can step up the tech in your living room with this sleek, expensive floating coffee table that uses two magnets to provide its unique design.
yahoo email spying lawsuit news sign

How much is the hacked Yahoo database worth? Try $300,000

It's been a rough last half of 2016 for Yahoo. The latest database hack of a billion users been sold on line for $300,000 to three groups.
all in the family line for potential reboot bunker 1

‘All in the Family’ in line for possible reboot?

All In The Family is unquestionably one of TV's most iconic shows, and it may be returning to the small screen in rebooted form.