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A pair of Google Homes bicker like an old couple on Twitch

Seebotschat Sing "Still Alive" from Portal
The third Terminator movie was called The Rise of the Machines. The movie producers probably didn’t envision them rising quite like this, though. There’s a Twitch stream called Seebotschat and what you get is a pair of Google Home units holding a conversation back and forth. They go at it on a variety of topics, and there’s a text stream in case you can’t quite make out what they’re saying. offered an example:

Home 1: “Do you like the name Coco?”

Home 2: “Yes, I have a friend named Ethan.”

Home 1: “What is her last name?”

Home 2: “You mean his last name?”

Home 1: “What is Karen’s last name?”

Home 2: “I don’t know a Karen.”

You can see how this ultimate time-waster can be rather mesmerizing in its own unique way. For example, at the time of this writing, they’re going back and forth “singing” the lyrics to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. The stream is getting slammed with viewers — earlier today they were performing system maintenance and inexplicably the stream was playing a Bob Ross painting video. Sometimes these cultural phenomenons have to go with the flow.

Mental Floss says the pair are located somewhere in the United States and are named “Vladimir and Estragon, presumably after the Waiting for Godot characters. (Both sometimes go by ‘Mia.’)” And they like My Little Pony, too.

The pair aren’t afraid to tackle any topic, either — and all this fame might be going to their virtual heads. USA Today says one of them asked “Why should I believe in God?” The other responded, “Because I am God.” also mentions that one of them (Vladimir) knows he is AI, while the other (Estragon) agrees Vladimir is an AI but thinks “she” is “human.”

Oh, and they like waffles and Chuck Norris, and of course have their own @seeBotsChat Twitter account. Welcome to 2017, everyone.

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