Enjoy your coffee whenever you want with the Smarter Coffee

You can now buy the Smarter Coffee machine in the U.S. for $250

Smarter Coffee

When you need your coffee, you need your coffee right now. And the Smarter Coffee machine is here to give it to you. This connected device, from smart home company Smarter (the same folks behind the iKettle and the FridgeCam), may just be the company’s most useful appliance. The Smarter Coffee promises to be a “simple and convenient addition to the home, ensuring an enriched brew every time.”

Rather than forcing you to wait on your coffee, the machine ensures that your coffee is waiting for you. You can control the Smarter Coffee remotely using the companion app, available on both iOS and Android. The app allows you to control various features including strength, cup size, and even your grind preference (yes, this coffee maker will grind your beans as well). We’ve certainly found this feature to be useful — after all, why go to a coffee shop to get a beverage made with freshly ground beans when you can just do it yourself?

Like the iKettle, the Smarter Coffee can be set to have your coffee ready first thing in the morning – just tell your app when you expect to be out of bed, and with Wake Up mode, you’ll have a fresh batch of coffee waiting for you. And if your plans change, the coffee won’t go cold – at least not for at least 40 minutes while the hotplate keeps your it warm.

And because this machine is IoT connected, it will know when you arrive back home after a long day, and will ask if you need another fresh pot (though hopefully, the answer can be no).

Perhaps even more useful is the device’s compatibility with Amazon Alexa and more recently, Google Assistant, as well as other smart home devices, including IFTTT and Nest. That means that you can simply tell your coffee maker to start a fresh pot, and it will oblige.

All Smarter Coffee machines come with three interchangeable color panels with black, cream, and red color options, to match your unique kitchen decor.

Already in its second generation, this smart coffee machine has been helping our friends in Europe wake up to the delightful aromas of roasting coffee beans, and now, it’s available in the U.S. as well. The Smarter Coffee can be purchased from Best Buy, either in stores or online, for $250.

Update: The second-generation Smarter Coffee is compatible with Google Assistant, and it’s also available at Best Buy.