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These crowdfunded guidelights automatically turn on when it gets dark

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Tired of stumbling down your pitch black hallway, blindly holding onto the nearest wall in hopes of finding the light switch? You could probably use some guide lights, but instead of shelling out big bucks for hardwired ones or clogging your outlets with nightlights, you might want to check out this new project being funded on IndieGoGo.

The product is called the SnapRays Guidelight — it’s essentially a smart, sensor-equipped replacement for standard plug-in night lights and hardwired guide lights. Designed to look just like a standard outlet plate, it’s also lined with LEDs integrated into the bottom, providing illumination when you need it, while also keeping both outlets available.

LEDs already don’t consume much juice to begin with, but for increased efficiency, the Guideight also includes a small light sensor. When it detects that the room has gotten dark, it’ll 7622d93b9478c2ac95da4122704dc6a1_largeautomatically flick on the light, and flick it back off when the room gets bright again.

And the best part? Creator Jeremy Smith designed it with a distinct focus on easy installation. Unlike hardwired guidelights that are a hassle to connect, SnapRays can be installed in under a minute thanks to Smith’s patented “Power Extractors” on the back side of the Guidelight. These extractors are designed to slide into the electrical box and around the outlet receptacle, making contact with the sides of the outlet.  This proprietary technology is what enables the device to extract power from the receptacle without having to hardwire, plug into or occupy an outlet.

It’s a pretty brilliant idea, and despite the fact that it only launched a couple weeks ago, it’s already raised well over 1,400 percent of it’s original $12,000 funding goal. So basically, this project is set to become a reality in the very near future. If you back it now you can lock down a single Guidelight for about $12 bucks, a set of three for $36, or a pack of five for $60. Find out more here.

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