Stuck at a desk all day? Put your feet up with the Foot Hammock

Specifically designed for people that spend hours sitting at a computer desk each day, the Foot Hammock is a small hammock that attaches to the bottom of a desk. Potentially ideal for people like students, cubicle workers, programmers, receptionists, writers or gamers, the Foot Hammock allows users to rest their feet and stretch their legs without having to get out of a chair.

While there is a competing product on the market that uses clamps on two sides of a desk to support a hammock, the Foot Hammock provides a universal fit with adhesive pads that stick to the bottom of a desk. The adhesive can hold more than 100 pounds of weight, but can be removed with a thin knife when moving to a new desk.


Depending on the placement of the hooks underneath the desk, the Foot Hammock can drop down as low as 4 feet from the bottom of the desk. The straps on the Foot Hammock can be adjusted in order to raise or lower the position of the hammock, ideal when changing sitting positions in a desk chair. The Foot Hammock can also be removed from the straps and tossed in a washing machine to keep it clean.

Preparing to ship this month after a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, there are three different versions of the Foot Hammock. Starting at a price point of $30, the entry level version is made out of a breathable mesh fabric. Stepping up, the $40 model upgrades the fabric to a soft, fleece material.

For anyone that works in a heavily air conditioned office or perhaps just a cold climate, the $60 model uses electric blanket technology to heat up the fleece and keep feet warm. All three models are available in eight different colors; black, blue, brown, gray, green, pink, purple and red. The product is expected to ship during October 2015.