Love your snooze button? You’ll hate this high-frequency alarm clock

this alarms high frequency pitch is hard to ignore hyperalarm alarm clock
You know those phone alarm apps that make you do math to shut them off? We know people who’ve just gotten better at multiplication and can still fall back asleep despite all the mental exertion. Luckily, a new alarm combats perpetual snooze-button pushers.

Hyperalarm alarm clockThink Big Factory created the Hyperalarm, with emphasis on the word “hyper.” When it goes off, the alarm emits noise at a high frequency that your brain can’t ignore. It also uses different pitches to ensure that you don’t get used to the sound over time. Basically, it sounds way more like a fire alarm than the monotonous beeping of your typical alarm clock. To turn off the alarm, you need to log onto the Hyperalarm app with your smartphone. The device uses Bluetooth technology to communicate seamlessly with your mobile device and won’t stop wailing until you take it out of the room.

For good measure, Think Big Factory promises to introduce new sounds with every software update, according to its Indiegogo page. And it’s not all just about waking up: The company will allow you to create special notifications and sounds to help you fall asleep.

Because the alarm is portable, it has a lithium-ion polymer battery that requires charging every 20 days or so. What if the alarm dies? Its creators have you covered there, too. The Hyperalarm app will notify you as soon as it needs to be charged, meaning you have no excuses for missing that early-morning meeting. Furthermore, it won’t let you set an alarm if there isn’t enough battery power.

The alarm works with Android and iPhone, and the company is working on making it compatible with the Apple Watch and Pebble Time smart watches.

For around $146, plus about $29 shipping, you can make a pledge on the Hyperalarm Indiegogo campaign page and reserve one for yourself. The company expects its device to be delivered to backers by December 2015, which means you’ll be sure to wake up in time for Santa.

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