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Sort of like a Keurig for food, this machine makes meals in 30 seconds

this genie turns dehydrated food into meals in seconds maker
On the USS Enterprise, the Replicator could serve up a meal practically instantly. If it’s always been your dream have that Star Trek tech in your home, the Genie may make you salivate. This new product, which was developed by entrepreneurs Ayelet Carasso and Doron Marco, does all the work of making meals in about 30 seconds utilizing natural dehydrated ingredients, according to Reuters. The ingredients themselves are contained in recyclable pods, which resemble small ice cream cartons. The machine itself is about the size of a standard coffee maker and is almost Keurig-like it its abilities.

Once you load ingredients, you open the machine’s app on your mobile device to put it into action. Within 30 seconds, the five-ounce portioned meals are ready to eat. Carasso and Marco note that they are working on enhancing the mobile app to add more functionality.

At the moment, you can create items ranging from ramen to chocolate soufflés. If you have no idea how to prepare a soufflé at home, this device may instantly make you feel like a professional chef. In fact, a chef who tried the Genie’s results admitted to Reuters she was surprised at how good the finished product was.

The natural, freeze-dried ingredients have a shelf life of up to two years. The device adds all of the liquid you need to create the meal, while cooking through tubes attached to the machine. It does the mixing and stirring that goes into making the ideal meal. The Genie’s developers hope that it will soon make its way into convenience stores and cafes. As the team make enhancements, it could one day wind up in your home, too. The prices for the device and pods aren’t finalized yet, but Carasso and Marco hope to one day offer the products to countries battling hunger.

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