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These homes are luxe, $75,000, and tiny

tiny heirloom makes luxury homes on wheels home exterior
Your home my be the size of a dorm room, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel as dreary and impersonal as one. That’s the idea behind Tiny Heirloom, a Portland, Oregon-based company that makes luxury tiny homes you can transport on wheels. Starting at $75,000, the structure comes with granite countertops, an option for bamboo flooring, in-house speakers, LED lighting, stainless steel appliances, a combo washer and dryer, a basic wind or solar package, and shipping. From there, you can upgrade to a bigger bathroom or more spacious kitchen.

If you don’t live in Oregon, airfare from anywhere in the continental U.S. is included in the price. That way, you get to see your new home as it’s being built.

To make life as easy as possible once you’ve moved in, you don’t need to be hooked up to a sewer system. Instead, you can use a compostable toilet or a black water tank. Empty the tank once every two months or the compostable toilet every three months. To go further off the grid, you can get your electricity from a battery, wind, or solar power. There’s also an option if you want to mooch off your friends’ electricity. It’s technically a travel trailer, so you can haul it from place to place if your friends decide they need their driveway back.

Right now, you can park your tiny home on your property or even an RV park. In the future, Tiny Heirloom hopes to build whole communities of their homes. They also plan to make the home smart, with automated locks and lights that run off your smartphone. That’s good, because even the space a router takes up is valuable real estate in a tiny home.

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