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Grow fresh vegetables faster in your kitchen with the Tregren T-Series

Tregren T-series Introduction
Many people agree that when it comes to flavor, fresh is best. Growing herbs and vegetables is the best option, but hardly anyone in a city has a yard, let alone a garden. The solution has been to bring a smaller-scale garden indoors.

Tregren, a Finnish company, is no stranger to growing lettuce, herbs, and vegetables in the kitchen. Its latest endeavor, the T-series, combines the benefits of hydroponic growing with modern day internet connectivity. This results in faster growth without any need for gardening knowledge.

What makes the plants grow faster is what Tregren calls “Active Growing Technology.” Rather than soil, the T-series uses a mineral nutrient solution mixed with water in a process called hydroponic cultivation. By combining this method with growing light technology and growth nutrients, plants are able to grow up to three times the rate they normally would.

Built into this latest series is Tregren’s “Smart Gardener” software. Through any Android or iOS device, users can control the growing conditions for more than 100 different plant species. It is as easy as selecting the right plant and the T-series does the rest.

“Like human beings, every plant has its own special needs,” Tregren co-founder Markus Nilsson said. “Some plants need a lot of water when others don’t. Some plants need more light than others and some need to grow in a nutrient-rich environment to flourish, whereas for others this can be harmful. This is something that many of us experience as challenging, even to the extent that we don’t consider indoor gardening as an option. With the T-series, we wanted to omit this hurdle and provide an easy and effective solution to indoor gardening for everyone.”

The T-series comes in three different models: The T3, T6, and T12. Each model corresponds to the total number of plants it can carry. All three are available on Kickstarter. For those who are interested, the T3 goes for $57, the T6 for $82, and the T12 for $107. Shipments are estimated to go out this October.

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