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Save time and space with this fast-growing vertical garden from EcoQube

Despite the growing trend to eat fresh, healthy ingredients, a majority of people never grow their own food. That’s not surprising. These days, many people are too busy or have too little space to grow anything. EcoQube has developed a way to solve this problem.

Its solution is the EcoQube Frame, a vertical garden that grows nutritious microveggies fast and easy. It’s built to be a low-maintenance, living decoration that grows microveggies in just over a week.

Due to its vertical design, the Frame can fit on a shelf, table, or countertop without limiting space for other objects. Alternatively, it can easily mount to a wall for a more organic, yet modern look. After placing seed pads into the Frame, capillary action draws the perfect amount of water from the reservoir to keep the greens healthy.

Aside from saving space, the EcoQube Frame offers several other benefits. By automatically drawing the perfect amount of water, plants grow faster and waste less. Since there’s no soil, the pests and mess that come with it are nonexistent. Even the most dimly lit apartment should have no problem growing microveggies since they require no light.

Microveggies have been all over nutrition magazines for years for good reason. They are packed with up to 40 times the nutrients of regular vegetables. They make a great garnish, salad, or smoothie boost. In addition to these little plants, the EcoQube Frame also grows many other plant types including herbs for the kitchen and succulents for decoration.

The EcoQube Frame has already funded about 11 times its initial goal — and that’s with 48 days still to go. You can pre-order a single EcoQube Frame for $45. Once it hits retail, the price will go up to $69.

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