Two Towers: Modular Tower kitchen offers modern space-saving solution for smaller homes

Space is a luxury that not all of us get to enjoy. With modern homes becoming smaller and people being forced to juggle size, form, and function within living spaces, it’s refreshing to see innovative solutions for those who need to operate with limited space inside their homes.

This is exactly where the Tower modular kitchen by designer Philippe Starck, part of his Starck for Warendorf line, comes to the rescue. For those with limited space, the two stand-alone towers provide a compact and stylish alternative to the traditional kitchen. Each tower takes up one square meter and offers space for various accessories, food, and utensils. 

The towers are separated by a hot and cold tower, with the hot tower housing a conventional oven and steam oven, and the cold tower housing a fridge-freezer. You can customize each tower further with other electrical appliances such as a microwave or dishwasher. Customization options don’t stop there, though. You can select from 300 different finishes for the towers, including wood, glass, or chrome.

Each tower is fitted with three doors; with a fourth left open to individual design. One side of the tower can even be fitted with a full surface blackboard, perfect for notes or fun little drawings. Prefer the company of your own amazing reflection? Attach a full-length mirror instead. You can even gently rotate the towers 360 degrees for easy access to all your kitchen items.

Separate from the towers is a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table. It consists of a preparation space, sink, hob, and dining area, with storage area underneath and a recessed design that ensures no spillage.

While not all may take warmly to the Tower modular kitchen, it’s certainly an interesting solution for homes where space is at a premium.