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Shark Vacmop captures dirt and spills in one motion with its disposable pad

Everyone remembers when Swiffers were introduced. The disposable pads made mopping so much easier than using a mop and bucket, as well as cutting at least five or ten minutes off the chore. Now imagine if your mop could vacuum, too. That’s what Shark has done with the new Vacmop. This device combines disposable mopping pads, jet spray, and powerful suction into a single machine.

The pad is designed to clean dry debris while simultaneously absorbing moisture and acting as a mop. The dry debris is suctioned into a specially-designed chamber that traps it and prevents it from falling out. Each pad has multiple layers that allow you to scrub at any stuck-on mess, just like you would with a normal mop. When you’ve finished cleaning and are ready to throw away the old pad, you can do so with a single touch of a button. Vacmop is designed so that you don’t need to touch a dirty, wet mop pad ever again.

Vacmop uses a unique formula for cleaning the floors, with two different kinds available: One for multi-surface floors like linoleum and tile, and one for hardwood floors. The solutions are UL Greenguard Gold certified for low chemical emissions, dry quickly, and leave behind no streaks when you are finished cleaning.

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The Vacmop itself is made with a lightweight design and an ergonomic handle. There is no cord to worry about, so you can maneuver it without worrying about dragging the cord through a puddle. Controls for the vacuum and spray features are set in the handle, so it can be used with only a single hand.

The Shark Vacmop will be available this spring from Amazon, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, and Home Depot, and then will be available at Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s, and Meijer after spring. The starter kit retails for an affordable $78 to $99 depending on the type of cleaner you choose. Pad refills will cost $8, while cleaning solutions refills will go for $10. The price point may be a bit more than a disposable plastic mop, but the convenience is hard to beat.

While releasing a bit late for spring cleaning, the Vacmop is a great solution for people living in a smaller space that might not have room for a lot of different appliances. Combining a vacuum and mop into one device saves space and is just more convenient overall.

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