This Tesla-inspired cat carrier looks like a bedpan for knights

Pet carriers are usually more functional than fashionable, but Waul Studio wants to change that. Inspired by a Devon Rex cat named Marvin who looks like a “little alien,” the team decided to make an ergonomic pet carrier that suited him. Waul Studio debuted a carrier that resembles a spaceship on Kickstarter in May, and the campaign quickly exceeded its initial goal.

The futuristic product doesn’t just look unique — it is designed to be more comfortable for both the pet who rides in it and the person who carries it. One of the upgrades animals will appreciate is an interior space that is designed to keep them entertained. Not only can they see outside the clear door, there is a built-in toy at the front of the carrier. A swirl-patterned ball in a track, the toy is meant to attract the animal’s attention and maintain it.

The company’s goal was to transform the space for its mini passengers, and it was inspired by how Tesla has revamped car interiors, Waul Studio’s Juliana Yuvchenko told Digital Trends in an email. She and her co-founder, Thomas Gunter, both saw vehicles as a strong influence — Gunter cited Porsche as an inspiration for the carrier’s shape and overall look.

We are trying to reinvent pet’s space with our first product,” Yuvchenko said. “Our pet carrier is not just a household item but a modern fashion accessory.”

They made sure that the design was also functional and ergonomic, as well. With its curved shape, you can carry it in one hand alongside your body without it being to close to your leg. Additionally, this helps it fit securely in a car, secured by a seat belt. The Waul carrier is fairly light, too, weighing 3.8 pounds while capable of transporting a pet of up to 22 pounds.

Other practical aspects of the product’s design include a wide door that opens upward so that pets can easily get in and out. The carrier is well ventilated and made from non-toxic, non-allergenic plastic. Inside, there is a soft mat that can be taken out and washed as needed.

The Waul carrier has proven popular on Kickstarter, surpassing its target of 3,000 British pounds (about $3,860) on its first day. The campaign has raised more than 10,500 pounds (about $13,750) at the time of this writing.

“It was very [exciting] news,” Yuvchenko told Digital Trends of reaching the milestone.

The team is looking forward to production, and Yuvchenko says she hopes they’ll see people around the world using the Waul carrier one day.

The company’s Kickstarter campaign ends June 15, with mass production following this summer. Shipping will start in October for early-bird backers, and then begin in November for the remaining supporters. You can contribute anywhere from 5 pounds (about $6) for a thank you to  249 pounds (about $320) for 10 early-bird Waul carriers. If you want just a single one, they start at 29 pounds (about $37).