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Wyze Gun Safe is a Bluetooth-enabled way to protect firearms

Wyze is a company known for creating budget security cameras and other smart home and health accessories. However, it seems the company wants to jump into another space: Gun safety equipment. To that end, Wyze has just announced the Bluetooth-enabled Wyze Gun Safe.

Wyze hopes to keep families safe by introducing its own lockbox for your sidearm. The safe is a small, metal locking box with space for about one standard handgun and its accessories. The safe has 195 cubic inches of interior space, so it’s ideal for storing important documents like your passport, or even jewelry.

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An open Wyze Gun Safe with a hand gun, passport, and other items inside.

There are plenty of other smart features on offer with this safe. For example, there are four different ways you can unlock it: Physical key, backlit keypad, instant fingerprint, and via a smartphone app. Yu can have up to 20 different fingerprints saved and 50 different pin codes. There’s also an LED inside the cover of the safe to help you see its contents in dim conditions.

While there are plenty of ways to get into the safe securely, it’s hard to break into. The metal is 12-gauge steel with internal hinges. These hinges protect against tools that attempt to manipulate latches or motors. The entire safe has been certified to meet all California Department of Justice specifications.

Wyze has built the safe to interact deeply with a smartphone app as well. The app and safe are connected through Bluetooth and password, but not through Wi-Fi. This prevents the safe from being hacked open, and means Bluetooth only works if you are logged in and nearby. Not only can you lock and unlock the safe through the app, but you can also check usage and battery life. Usage lets you know who has opened it, when, and if any attempts were unsuccessful. The Wyze Gun Safe also runs on two AA batteries, and the app will let you know how long of the estimated 12-month battery life you have left.

Wyze has priced the safe at $155, with free shipping within the US. You can order the safe today, and it will start shipping on March 16, 2022.

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