Work Out with McDonald’s Yourself!Fitness

McDonald’s and responDESIGN, the software publisher of the fitness video game Yourself!Fitness, today said they were entering a promotional partnership under which special DVD versions of the game will be made available through the fast food company for a limited time. Four different workout DVDs will be released during the April 25 to May 22 promotion period.

Four exclusive Yourself!Fitness DVDs, said the two companies, will be made available at McDonald’s through the introduction of the new Go Active! Happy Meal for Adults. The DVDs, which are available in both English and Spanish and can have their workout levels customized by difficulty, will feature Maya, the Yourself!Fitness virtual personal trainer, and offer fifteen-minute workouts. Each will focus on a specific program: Yoga, for relaxation and rejuvenation; Cardio, for burning calories and boosting metabolism; Core, for strengthening the abs and spine; and Strength, for toning and tightening.

The new Happy Meal for Adults will pair any Premium Salad, Dasani water, or medium or larger drink with one of the four Yourself!Fitness workout DVDs. Customers will also receive a five-dollar coupon towards the complete Yourself!Fitness program.

“It is our hope that customers collect all four DVDs to benefit from a complete workout program,” said Bill Lamar, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s USA, in a statement. “McDonald’s believes that the partnership with responDESIGN is in direct alignment with our commitment to encouraging food-energy balance that began with the introduction of our first Go Active! Happy Meal for Adults in 2003.”