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Valentine’s Day is all about flowers, chocolates, and cheap Amazon tablets

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Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates love, togetherness, and, in Amazon’s case, rather sizable discounts to several of its Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle ebook readers.

For those looking for an ebook reader, the base model Kindle can be had for $60, down from its original $80 price tag. Those looking for some light with their reading will find the Kindle Paperwhite for $100, down from $120.

Over on Amazon’s forked Android tablet front, we have the base models of the Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7, down from their original $100 and $140 price points to $84 and $114, respectively. If you have kids in mind for Valentine’s Day, the Fire HD 6 Kids Edition and its larger counterpart will go for $134 and $164, respectively, down from $150 and $190. Keep in mind that the Fire HD 6 and the Kids Edition differ only in the latter’s access to kid’s content, a bumper case, some user interface changes, and a warranty that covers accidental damage. Finally, for those with a wider budget, the Fire HDX 8.9 will go for $300, a hefty knock-down from its original $480 price tag.

Interestingly enough, the oft-maligned Fire Phone will go on sale for $200. No, the Fire Phone hasn’t done well in the eyes of critics and wallets, but you’ll still be getting a respectably powerful smartphone that includes one year of Amazon Prime for free. If you’re interested in picking one up for your beloved, the sale starts tomorrow, February 11.

Not interested in any of Amazon’s offerings? Fear not, for you can get a litany of discounted jewelry, candy, and grooming products, among others. You can check them out here and see if anything suits your fancy.

Keep in mind each deal has its own expiration date, so if you see something you like, you should probably jump on it.

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