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Apple invites you to channel your inner animoji, touts Face ID in latest ads

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Apple first introduced the concept of the Animoji to the world when it launched the iPhone X, and since then the concept has, for good or ill, kind of taken off. One of the most popular ways to make use of the new feature is Animoji Karaoke — a trend that Apple is capitalizing on in its latest advertising campaign.

Apple hinted at an Animoji karaoke video of its own when it launched the iPhone X in September, in which you could see a monkey mouthing the words to a song. At the time, it was just a snippet of a launch video — and now we have a full video.

The trend started gaining steam on Twitter a few weeks ago, and since then hundreds of users have posted videos of their own. Apple’s video opens with Animoji heads bopping along to the music, until the words start — at which point you start to see the models who were used to capture the motion for the Anomoji.

iPhone X — Animoji Yourself — Apple

This isn’t the only new Apple ad aimed at promoting the new iPhone X. Apple has actually launched a series of four new ads, each of which was made to promote different standout features of the device. One such ad, for example, shows a user unlocking their iPhone X in the dark using Face ID, helping dispel some of the concerns with the technology, such as that it won’t work in the dark. Another ad shows how the feature will adapt as your face changes — whether it be through things like new glasses, or facial hair, or a haircut, or makeup. In one of the videos, Apple boasts that Face ID is “the most unforgettable magical password ever created.”

Not only that, but these ads come one week after Apple launched its annual holiday video. In that video, the company showed off the AirPods, iPhone X, and iPad Pro — which it touts as a PC replacement.

Apple has a long history of successful ad campaigns, and its latest will likely extend that trend. As we head into the holiday season, Apple is poised to make a killing, thanks in large part to the iPhone X.

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